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barracuda® - compact bucket wheel excavator to enhance your operational efficiency

barracuda® – the smart alternative to pre-blasting and surface miner

The barracuda® compact bucket wheel excavator vastly extends the application range of bucket wheel excavators as it can dig or cut materials with average uniaxial compressive strengths of up to 50 MPa. In other words, the barracuda® is a genuine alternative to the conventional drilling and blasting methods used in mining coal, phosphate, ore and potash or the corresponding overburden and waste removal. But the barracuda® is not just a smart interesting alternative to drill and blast or surface miner; it has more to offer.

barracuda thyssenkrupp

barracuda® – tailored to your needs

Electrically powered and with capacities of up to 7,500 lm³/h, the barracuda® comes in a number of versions so you can choose the one tailored to your needs.

Basic version: A very simple design capable of working as an independent machine, i.e. digging upfront and discharging a radial stockpile of the loosened material directly to the rear.

barracuda® Flexo: Equipped with a short discharge conveyor to allow the material to be more accurately directed, and designed to feed trucks, either directly via the discharge conveyor or with an additional intermediate bridge.

barracuda® System: A combination of the barracuda® Flexo and a shiftable bench conveyor that is designed to be implemented at a bench with a bench conveyor for 100% continuous operation.

barracuda® C: Offers the proven features of a conventional compact bucket wheel excavator (e.g. multi-terrace cut and continuous operation system) but has been upgraded with bucket wheel technology, which enables it also to dig harder material.


To meet the demands of harder materials the teeth arrangement has been adapted to the usual bucket wheel configurations. Buckets and precutters are positioned much closer together and there are more teeth on the bucket. This very narrow teeth arrangement gouges into the material while digging. The result is a reduction in the size of the section or the lump size that has to be dug out per tooth, which in turn means less loosening force is required. The welcome side effect is that the material in question is cut into easily conveyable pieces of less than 200mm. When the barracuda® has completed its work, the primary crushing stage is finished too – without the need for drilling, blasting or a surface miner.


How you benefit

  • Non-blasting operation

  • No primary crushing required

  • Highest operational safety

  • Lower production costs than any comparable system

  • Suitable for any existing operational system

  • Flexibility to handle different types of material

  • Environmentally friendly

thyssenkrupp's bucket wheel excavator teeth: more life time, less down time

BWE tooth design

Where ever a bucket wheel excavator is working with hard materials the wear of its teeth is a problem. With our new tooth development for bucket wheel excavators thyssenkrupp delivers an innovative solution that ensures good wear resistance as well as a high breaking strength.

Learn more about our BWE tooth design

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