Equipment Design

Engineering and Software Solutions

Basic equipment designs and proposals can be put together by our experts using special software solutions. For example, for the layout of bucket wheel excavators, we developed an application which draws the actual position in 3D format and calculates all the relevant basic data in just a few minutes.

Equipment design

Even experienced customers, who have been using bucket wheel excavators for years in several operating conditions, will be able to increase their output with this program, as it helps to calculate the optimum machine position under different material and digging conditions.

Design Optimizing / Equipment Balancing

Equipment design

Design of an optimized conveyor routing, coupled with the calculation of the precise site topography, help to determine the exact length, lift and radius of the conveyor, as well as evaluate its most economic positioning.

The most suitable crusher location may be found, especially by considering the increasing capacities of in-pit crushing project, for example, by calculating the center of gravity inside volumes of each mining period and following the movement of this point over the mine development.

Equipment design

To guarantee the best balance between the different equipment components, the engineering is supported by three-dimensional animations by which checking of the working scheme is feasible. Two- or three-dimensional working sequences help to understand the mining system and to achieve it at the working face.