Equipment designsystem optimization

Geological Investigations

Soil testing and investigation

Ground and material investigations always form the basis for the layout and the design of the equipment. Material samples are usually available either from exploration drilling or during operation.

Geological investigations

thyssenkrupp carries out these investigations either on site using their own test equipment or, alternatively, in an independent laboratory.

This service is particularly useful for our customers on projects where any material characteristic information is missing and/or where equipment design requires more detailed investigation.

Geological modelling with SURPAC

Geological investigations

During this stage of the investigations, a geological model of the deposit can be created, in order to prepare all the relevant data required to design the mining equipment operation correctly.

The key to any successful mining project is the consolidation of all geological information into a single, logical and coherent format.

Geological investigations

Using the SURPAC software system, we can provide the required facilities to develop a geological database, enabling all related geological data to be integrated into a single dynamic 3D environment. Solid and block modeling allows reliable future resource modeling.