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System optimization by cost calculation

Cost calculations ranging from individual items of equipment to complete systems, as well as comparing the various alternatives are the basis of efficient planning and operation. Depending on the specific task, we use various programs, as well as external and in-house data banks in order to achieve results.

Costs are never static and many factors influence them over time. Even small changes in the predicted figures may have a large influence on the overall economics of the equipment. Net Present Cost (NPC) calculations help the customer in making a decision, with the results being presented either in tabular or graphical format.

thyssenkrupp's greatest advantage cost calculation is having direct access to the costs of continuously operating equipment (conveyors, crushers, bucket wheel excavators etc.) as we are one of the major suppliers of this type of equipment worldwide. Our engineering and service departments are continuously updating our own data banks and, with the help of a worldwide network of thyssenkrupp subsidiaries, we also update our country specific data (for labor costs, energy costs, taxation etc.) on a regular basis.

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