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Transport Crawler

Transport crawlers – moving your large and heavy mining equipment

Our transport crawlers are ideally suited to moving various types of large and heavy mining equipment for relocation in a mine. Payloads of up to 2,000 t present no problem at all for this heavy equipment mover.

Fit-to-task heavy mining equipment transporter

To enhance the flexibility of continuously operating mining equipment our transport crawlers can be integrated into operational procedures to enable several types of heavy and oversized mining equipment and crushing plant equipment to be relocated to follow the mine face to the next phase.

Semi-mobile crushing plants located in open pit mines are designed in such a way that the entire unit can be lifted off the ground and relocated by a transport crawler once a specific area has been mined out and the distance trucks have to travel to the crushing plant needs to be optimized.

Reliable and proven design

Our transport crawlers are fitted with an adaptable crawler track assembly designed as a partly or fully balanced two-crawler track assembly that includes a cross balancer. The crawler tracks are driven by hydraulic motors via one planetary gear unit and the speed of each crawler can be varied separately. The crawler track assembly ensures that the transport crawler is highly adaptable to all kinds of uneven ground and can still be maneuvered in difficult environments.

The substructure provides for balanced load transmission into the ground and offers a stable base for the hydraulic system and crawler tracks. That is why the crawler tracks with the two-wheel bogies are incorporated into the substructure and the four lifting cylinders are arranged at the four substructure corner points.

How you benefit

  • Complete range of tasks adaptable to your special needs and requests
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Turnkey services
  • Carrying capacities of up to 2,000 t
  • Easy integration into operational procedures

High-quality hoisting system

The design of the hoisting system ensures that the heavy load is perfectly mounted on top of the lifting platform, which is equipped with a clamping system consisting of four clamping levers. Additionally, the lifting platform is provided with rubber lagging in the contact area of the load to prevent it slipping. When lowered and unloaded, the platform can be rotated by a slewing mechanism into any position relative to the hoisting cylinders or to the crawler axis.

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