Transport Crawler - Optimizing transportation in each new mining phase

Easy and economical relocation of mining equipment in no time at all? The answer is a thyssenkrupp transport crawler. Building on our vast experience in moving large and heavy mining equipment (e.g. the conveyor drive stations of shiftable conveyor systems or mobile crushing stations) our transport crawlers are designed to travel uphill or downhill and can cope well with uneven terrain. The combination of our mobile crushing stations and transport crawlers makes it easy and economical to relocate mining equipment

Relocating equipment

To enhance the flexibility of continuously operating mining equipment you only need to integrate our transport crawlers into your operational procedures. Our transport crawlers allow several types of equipment to be relocated within a mine as they follow the mine face to the next phase. Relocating conveyor stations during shifting is a typical application. Whereas dozers are used to shift the conveyor line, transport crawlers are ideal for lifting the stations and driving them to their next position.

Relocating semi-mobile crushing plants is another typical application. Once a specific area has been mined out, the semi-mobile crushing plant can be relocated to its future position in order to optimize the distances trucks have to travel to the mass center of each new mining phase.

Our transport crawlers can also serve as a temporary crawler track for the tail end of a spreader’s receiving boom. For spreader designs where the receiving boom is supported by the tripper car, transport crawlers can be equipped with an adapter to allow the spreader to travel independently, e.g. on the next level for dumping.

Solutions tailored to your needs

thyssenkrupp transport crawlers are normally used for payloads of up to 1,250 t. But we can also provide you with tailor-made solutions for payloads of up to 2,000 t. Simply get in touch so we can help you optimize transportation within your mine.