Coal Seam Gas

Developers of coal seam gas resources face a puzzle of interlinked technical, commercial and environmental issues in order to commercialise their resource. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions helps unlock the puzzle.

Field Optimisation: We have extensive experience in assisting clients in commercialising their CSG assets/resources. Options review are undertaken to select the preferred development concept and confirm project feasibility as well as to identify key project delivery issues associated with each option. Field development studies are evaluated using Que$tor cost estimating software for rapid comparisons of total installed costs per scenario

Package Management: With the large number of wells required to access CSG reserves, standard designs are key to delivering a cost effective development. Wellhead skid designs have been developed to ensure a consistent technical and cost effective approach for all phases of gas production, achieving . This approach achieves cost and scheduling benefits without compromising on safety and environmental impacts.

Process Description

  • Expertise in gas processing technologies
  • Compression selection
  • Site Integration & utilities

Treatment process complexity is determined by the feed water quality and the desired product water quality. Product quality depends on where the water will be utilised, (e.g. in feedlots, coal washing facilities or directing to power stations for cooling water or boiler feed water purposes.). Treatment of bore, brackish water for CSG developments;

  • Filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Cation / Anion / Mixed Bed Resin
  • Micro- and ultrafiltration
  • Disinfection (chlorination, UV sterilisers, ozonation, etc)
  • Disposal (evaporation ponds, down-hole aquifers, etc)
  • Salt management / recovery

Origin Energy CSG Limited


Origin Energy CSG Limited

South Queensland, Australia (Completion 2010)

Scope of Services: Gas Reinjection

E: Design of facilities for the reinjection of sales gas produced from CSG into disused CSG reservoirs for storage, later withdrawal

Eastern Star Gas

Origin Energy CSG Limited

Anglo Coal Seam Gas