We offer a complete range of services related to Oil & Gas Production from concept studies and Field Development Planning through to project delivery for:

  • Onshore wellheads and test separation
  • Flow-lines and gathering systems
  • Slug-catchers

  • Dew point adjustment
  • LPG recovery

  • conceptual and front-end studies
  • grassroots projects and brownfield upgrades/revamps
  • detailed design
  • global procurement, expediting and inspection
  • project management
  • construction and commissioning
  • operations and maintenance support

Process Description

We develop and deliver technical solutions and complete projects for gas production and processing.

We have expertise in:

  • Gas conditioning and pre-treatment systems
  • Removal of CO2, H2S and other impurities such as Hg; absorption, adsorption and membrane technologies
  • Gas dehydration; absorption and adsorption processes
  • Cryogenic and solvent based NGL separation
  • LPG and C2 Extraction
  • Condensate stabilisation
  • Stabiliser and sales gas compression
  • Water treatment
  • Flare systems; dispersion and radiation modelling
  • Safety Integrity systems
  • Advanced control systems

Uhde offers the proprietary Morphysorb process for CO2 and H2S removal

- as well as specialist services via strategic partners;

  • Proprietary LPG/C2 Extraction Processes
  • Proprietary CO2, H2S, Hg and other impurity removal processes

Furthermore, we have designed for stringent environmental conditions in sensitive locations, including wet lands treatment of produced water, treated water irrigation onto plantations to minimise discharge to local waterways, plantation trees to enhance off-site visual amenity, flare minimisation and shielded ground flares for reduced luminosity, noise modelling and shielding to reduce off-site background noise levels.

Recent References

West Siberia, Russia


West Siberia, Russia (Completion 2011)

Capacity: Gas condensate processing

Feasibility study including concept development and selection for pour point reduction and dewaxing steps.


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