Lube Oil and Waxes

Lube oil and waxes


Lube oil, wax and white oil process technologies are part of the core business of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ Refining technology division. Our proprietary technologies have been used for decades in the production of:

  • motor oils of international quality standard
  • industrial oils
  • transformer oils
  • technical and pharmaceutical white oils
  • hard waxes, including food grade quality
  • and have undergone constant improvement and adaptation to meet the requirements of the modern lube oil industry.

The following processes are provided:

  • solvent extraction
  • propane deasphalting
  • solvent dewaxing
  • wax deoiling
  • lube oil hydrofinishing
  • wax/white oil hydrogenation

Our specialty:

  • Laboratory facilities are available for pilot testing of individual feedstocks
  • Our technologies have been optimized with respect to low utility consumption and high product quality
  • Processes can be tailored to individual needs