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Integrated Asset Management

Our Integrated Asset Management for continuously improving your plant performance

Briefly explained: How we support you in optimizing your plant performance

Industrial services: Asset Management for optimized plant performance by thyssenkrupp tk-play

From consulting to operations & maintenance - we support you in generating more value out of your assets

From Consulting to O&M Contracts – customized solutions for greater value from your physical assets.

The main purpose of any plant is production. With our Integrated Asset Management approach, we help you to achieve stable operation and meet production targets with the desired quality. By ensuring continuous improvement in safety, reliability, availability, lifetime, productivity and efficiency of the assets, we maximize your return on capital employed (ROCE). In short: We help you to generate greater value from your physical assets.

Asset Management in general means maximizing the value of an asset and sustaining it throughout its entire lifecycle: from acquisition, commissioning and operation to disposal. It involves aligning the activities relating to an organization’s assets with the objectives of the organization itself, finding the optimum blend of activities to achieve these objectives in the best way.

And this is exactly what we do: With a wealth of experience as plant builders as well as years of providing systematic Asset Management solutions we are able to optimize both operation and maintenance of your plants and machinery.

With a range of solutions from consulting to performance-based outsourcing contracts , we support you in improving your business. All our services are designed to increase plant performance and enhance the service life of your plant cost effectively. Our services vary in length and the degree of responsibility:

Consulting for better performance at optimized costs

Our consulting experts assess current performance against target performance in specific key areas, such as HSE, productivity, quality, reliability and efficiency. They identify underperforming areas and analyze the root cause. Drawing upon their vast technological and engineering experience, our thyssenkrupp experts then provide individual recommendations for improvement to continuously improve your plant performance.

thyssenkrupp Asset Management - from consulting to outsourcing operations & maintenance (O&M)

Technical guidance for maximum plant efficiency

Our Technical Guidance service is designed for customers, who have an identified gap in their Asset Management organization, processes or performance. A team of thyssenkrupp Asset Management specialists is located at your plant full-time , typically for a period of one to two years. This team engages in various functions related to the management, engineering and supervision of asset management, working on increasing plant performance and effectiveness .

The team either works parallel to your Asset Management organization, is embedded in it or leads and manages the organization. For their work, they are backed up by technology, process and equipment specialists on a needs basis.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) outsourcing to improve overall plant performance

In our Contracting service, we take over full line responsibility for the plant by implementing thyssenkrupp’s Integrated Asset Management system. As your strategic partner for outsourcing, we take care of maintenance or operations & maintenance (O&M) to deliver and constantly improve high levels of safety, reliability, availability, service life, productivity, quality and efficiency of your plant. In this way, you are able to focus on your core business.

Consequently, you are able to focus on your core business . We offer contracting for brown field plants and green field projects.

You want to know more? Contact us for further information or take a look at the Service Product Finder for Integrated Asset Management.

Deep Dive into the Services - Integrated Asset management

Asset management

Plant Assessment

Detailed report on plant conditions and recommendations for plant performance improvement.

Full Service Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Reduction of your TCO by increasing the performance and reliability of your plant.

Full Service Maintenance

Full-service Maintenance supports the plant owner by managing their maintenance organization, including the provision of the required personnel and tools. Often this service also includes budget responsibilities for maintenance that is transferred from the plant owner to a maintenance contractor.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management services support the customer with the maintenance of industrial process plants. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions provides a team of engineers and experts who are integrated into the customer’s on-site maintenance team.


The usage of a CMMS to schedule, track and document all maintenance works is a major factor in the success of the maintenance organization as a whole.

O&M Training

Well trained staff will increase the plant performance and process efficiency significantly.

Operations Management Assistance

Operations Management services support customers with the operation of industrial process plants. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions provides a team of engineers and experts who are integrated into the customer’s on-site operations team.

Operation & Maintenance Management

Operation & Maintenance Management services support the customer with the operation and maintenance of the industrial process plant. thyssenkrupp provides a team of key personnel who are seconded in the customer‘s on-site operation and maintenance team.

Stock Optimization

This two phased service aims to balance maximum availability, security of supply and low capital commitment of the required wear and spare parts in our customers’ inventories.

RAM Analysis

This methodology is used to predict the Asset Performance by implementing:

  • Reliability: Probability that an item (Asset or System) will perform its intended function when used in the manner and for the purpose intended, for a designated period of time, without failure, under specified application and operating condition.

  • Availability: Probability that an item when used under given condition, will perform satisfactory when called upon.

  • Maintainability: Probability that an item can be restored to satisfactory operating condition within specified period of time under the stated condition by personnel having prescribed skill levels, resources and procedures.