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DIAPOL lifting diaphragms for mills

Modernisation of your grinding plant by means of DIAPOL lifting diaphragms means effective utilization of the entire mill volume

Complete utilization of the mill through modernisation of the grinding plant

With DIAPOL, you can achieve decisive modernisation of your grinding plant. It is the first lifting diaphragm that effectively separates air streams from the material. In the case of the DIAPOL, the material falls directly behind the diaphragm, so that the entire mill volume is utilised during grinding. Since the individual segments are not rigidly connected to each other, but can slide against each other, there is no additional mechanical loading at the mill shell.

We use rolled-steel plates as the wear material for the slotted and backwall plates. If required, chrome chilled casting can also be used. In the case of the rolled steel plates, the geometry of slots and the free areas can be chosen as desired, according to the application