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Explore our digitalized expertise for your industrial processes

Digitalized Expertise

Digitalization at thyssenkrupp means that data from our customers’ plants, machines and equipment are refined and analyzed by our experts and digital solutions that contain the indispensable expertise to deliver more performance for our customers.

By combining our technological know-how with digital competence, we deliver added value to our clients by offering an important lever for improving the efficiency of their processes and boosting their productivity at plants and equipment.

What makes our digital products so unique is the strong base we build on. With our engineering and process expertise into digitalization in combination with our massive experience as a large-scale plant contractor we are in a position to incorporate this expertise digitalized. This means to our customers from mining, mineral, chemical, fertilizer and other industries in practice that we implement our engineers’ domain know-how which is now available through our digitalized expertise solutions worldwide.

Our digital solutions can be divided into two major product groups highlighting their core value added: evaluate & predict as well as automate & optimize.

Our solutions in the product group evaluate & predict help our customers to determine and execute their plant as it is designed to, and assess what measures must be taken to improve performance and optimize processes. We offer highly innovative digital services. One of our solutions is Drone Inspection, which provides customers with fast visual inspections and measures their plants and machines via drones. The collected data in combination with the analytics will allow them to optimize their facilities and inspect areas more accurately, efficiently and safely than ever before. For more insights, documentation or modernization projects we create centimeter-precise models and construction plans of our customers’ plants using our revolutionary 3D Plant Scan, Remote Inspection, Remote Conditions Monitoring, Maintenance Assistant System, Performance Optimization, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Condition Monitoring, Digital Telematics, polscan® Rotary Kiln Measuring.

With our product group automate & optimize we enable our customers to enhance the productivity and safety of their plants and machines, while at the same time reducing costs. Our wide range of innovative solutions, such as Digital Inventory Control, Conveyor Volume Flow Control, polysius® Automated Storage Systems, Advanced Positioning System, Ship Loader Automation, Bucket Wheel Excavator Automation, polab® Equipment and Software, polab® Services, polcid® Services, 360° Service Sticker and Stockyard Automation, make existing machines and their use more reliable and plannable, and therefore future-proof.

Long-standing engineering and processing expertise in digital form – that’s digitalized expertise at thyssenkrupp!

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