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DOROL Expert Service for long-lasting high performance of vertical roller mills

Comprehensive measurements and analyses for individual optimization of vertical roller mills

Rapid assignment of our expert to the site, so that problems with your vertical roller mill can be analysed and eliminated.

Assignment of experts for problem analysis

DOROL vertical roller mills are a thyssenkrupp Polysius success story. Since the 1970s, more than 400 such mills have gone into service around the world. However, due to lengthy service lives and irregular maintenance, the mills no longer reach their full capacity. To eliminate this problem, we established our DOROL Expert Service.

Our thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions specialists, from the fields of industrial machines and process technology, take a look at your plant for about a week, in order to identify and eliminate the problems. The aim is to increase productivity of upstream and downstream plant components, while at the same time minimising the specific energy consumption.

Productivity increase and a reduction in energy consumption

By taking measures on-site while the plant is in operation and doing inspections of the mill interior while having a short stoppage we get a comprehensive image of the mechanical situation and the specific operational conditions of your plant.

For this purpose, we determine the false air, the specific gas flow rate and the grinding bed depth. We measure the air velocity in the nozzle ring, draw up a heat balance and calculate the specific energy consumption. In the interior, we ascertain the wear, determine the condition of the dam ring and the nozzle ring, and inspect the separator. A plan with various adaptation and repair procedures is then prepared. Some of these procedures can be implemented immediately on-site. Experience shows that, with our measures, the productivity of your plant can be increased by about 5-20%, and energy consumption can be reduced significantly.

Your advantages with our DOROL Expert Service

  • Detailed condition recording and root cause analysis by an expert from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions
  • Increase in plant capacity
  • Minimisation of energy consumption
  • Recommendations concerning spare parts and other maintenance measures
  • Training and Consulting of your personnel