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KTS-ME kiln shell temperature measuring system

Measuring system for recording kiln shell temperature.

Non-contact measurement of kiln shell temperature

The KTS-ME measuring system is an essential monitoring instrument for your rotary kilns. With this modern measuring system, the temperature of the rotary-kiln surface is continuously measured in a non-contact manner via thermal radiation. Special measuring sensors allow high-resolution temperature measurement even at difficult-to-reach points of the kiln shell, without disruptive shadows.

Display and saving of the data

Display of the temperature matrix is carried out by means of a thermographic image and a temperature profile, either in 3-dimensional form or as a polar profile. Critical or conspicuous areas can be monitored in a targeted manner via freely definable monitoring zones, and measures can be initiated automatically. An integrable camera provides information about the state of the kiln and the measuring system.

All measurement data are stored on a cyclic basis in a database. This means that all information regarding the state of your rotary kiln shell is available to you at any time and from any location within your network.

Integration and upgrading

Our measuring system can be installed as an independent standalone solution or can be integrated into your network. For integration into existing master control systems, an OPC server is available. A database for administration of your refractory lining is integrated. The upgrading of existing older KTS systems to KTS-ME is possible at any time.

Optional extensions

An extended database for a professional refractory lining management system can be integrated. In addition, a tyre slip measuring system can be installed for a rotary kiln with loose tyres.

Your advantages

  • Continuous temperature monitoring of the rotary kiln shell
  • Information about the operating state of the kiln can be called up at any time
  • Detection of "hotspots" and refractory lining damage
  • Detection of possible coating rings
  • Continuous saving of thermographic images and temperature profiles
  • Upgradable at any time, thanks to modular design