Precise planning and time savings with PlantScan 3D

A modern tool for plant designing and wear analysis

PlantScan 3D opens up completely new possibilities for you: Existing buildings and process systems are recorded three-dimensionally by means of a laser scanner. This means that space coordinates accurate to the millimeter are available for new building work and conversions, allowing two-dimensional plans and three-dimensional models to be created.

PlantScan-3D thyssenkrupp

Simplification of plant design with PlantScan 3D

Three-dimensional recording of the plant situation by means of laser scanning considerably simplifies and reduces planning work . For the designing of plants, the data recorded can be used to create 3D models , and interfering edges can be detected sooner .Time-consuming and personnel-intensive re-measurements are not necessary. Conversion parts can be accurately planned, manufactured and installed without major adaptation work. The risk of unplanned stoppage times is minimised . The contactless measurement method does not affect ongoing production and can record even inaccessible areas.

Wear measurement for easier calculation of maintenance work and down times

PlantScan 3D assists in analysing the wear of the roll bodies of high pressure grinding rolls and the crushing elements of gyratory crushers, thanks to its complete and rapid recording of these components by means of laser scanning. The scan data are processed and displayed, in order to allow analysis of wear. As a result, maintenance work and service lives can be calculated more accurately . PlantScan 3D produces a realistic representation of the required areas, and is therefore an essential tool in today's industry.

Your advantages with PlantScan 3D

  • Contactless measurement
  • Precise documentation of the actual situation in the shortest time
  • For the designing of plants, 3D models can be created using the data recorded, and can also be combined with this data
  • The data recorded allow tailor-made planning and therefore a reduction in stoppage times and costs
  • Wear measurement by means of laser scanning helps to optimise service lives

Pointcloud with PDMS

Pointcloud with PDMS