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POLDRIVE® for a longer service life of open gear drive systems

Condition check of your mill and kiln drives for early problem detection

Early detection of damage through regular checks

The drive train is a very important component for ensuring that all major equipment runs true. Even the smallest nonconformities may lead to serious damage which might then result in time-consuming loss of production . We offer our POLDRIVE service for testing your main drives in order to prevent such failures, if possible. By means of regular checks, damage can be detected at an early stage , more serious damage can be prevented and thus the operational reliability can be ensured . This service is available for all drive trains of major drives from the cement and mining industries, around the world.

Extensive analyses by drive specialists

The POLDRIVE team is composed of qualified experts from the field of drive analysis that have access to extensive know-how as a plant manufacturer within the group. Taking into account the entire operation history, our experts prepare themselves for the assignment via, among other means, a telephone conversation with you. On site, various methods are used to identify the problems. These methods include not only visual inspections, vibration measurements, checking the dynamic and static tooth contact pattern and the load distribution over the tooth faces of girth gears and pinions, but also detailed vibration measurements of the temperature distribution and oil analyses . The balancing of separators, as well as the application of electrical strain gauges can be performed as an “add on” measure.

Subsequently, you receive a comprehensive condition report with recommendations for further maintenance and modernisation measures which can be taken if required. It takes approximately one working day on site for our experts to perform the tests for each single machine.

Your advantages with POLDRIVE

  • Early damage detection through regular assignments
  • Remote diagnosis is possible, thanks to knowledge of the plant history
  • Increased efficiency, thanks to the use of product innovations
  • Extended service life of the complete drive train
  • Optimised spare parts inventory
  • Minimised risk of unscheduled plant stoppages