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Modern burner for high product quality with every type of fuel.

Efficient use of different fuels

For our new POLFLAME® VN burner, numerous design features have been decisively improved, thus setting new standards when it comes to the process firing system for rotary kiln plants. POLFLAME® VN can be optimally adjusted to the fuel, the product quality and the emission requirements. High substitution rates can be achieved when using substitute fuels, meaning that savings can be made on costly fossil fuels. It therefore reliably meets the demands placed on a modern burner.

State-of-the-art technology

Thanks to its highly efficient primary air nozzles, POLFLAME® VN can be optimally adjusted to the ignition behaviour and burnout performance of the individual fuels during operation and meets all process-technological requirements. The external coal dust channel ensures rapid mixing of fuel and hot secondary air and cools the outer shell. This means that it is possible to do without additional cooling air. There are also clear advantages in terms of the maintenance and servicing of the burner: Thanks to removable connecting elements, the nozzles and parts of the mouthpiece can be easily replaced, if required. You can therefore reduce stoppage times and save on purchase costs for individual spare and wear parts.

Your advantages

  • Easy operability
  • Reproducible burner setting, thanks to patented nozzle adjustment system
  • Long service life
  • High momentum, thanks to highly efficient primary air nozzles
  • Significant influence on ignition behaviour and burnout performance of the fuel, and thus on product quality
  • High substitution rate, and a reduction of costs for fossil fuels
  • Short delivery time, thanks to modular design and a high level of standardisation