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POLGRIND for rotary kilns, tube mills and drums

Our mobile machining service for increased service life time & productivitiy with perfect surfaces

Improving operation of your plants by optimising the running surface of supporting rollers, tyres and slide rings.

Improving operation of your mills and kilns

Irregularities and damage on your mills and kilns may lead to loss of production and to cost intense repairs. Geometric defects and damaged running surfaces on slide rings and tyres, or on supporting rollers, are often the cause. In order to be able to quickly eliminate the cause, we have started our worldwide available POLGRIND service, which focuses on the refurbishment of kiln tyres, supporting rollers and slide rings on cement and mining plants. Thus, we assist you in increasing the reliability of your entire plant.

Refurbishment of your supporting rollers, tyres and slide rings

The centrepiece of our service is the systematic grinding process: kiln tyres, supporting rollers and slide rings are carefully machined through the use of grinding belts with different grit sizes. This means that we can eliminate all unevenness and roughness. In this way, you achieve as-new tyre/slide-ring conditions without having to replace any parts.

By means of high-precision measuring instruments incorporated in the grinding device, we are able to check the diameter and roundness of the slide rings, tyres and supporting rollers. On site, you receive a first report from our expert, which includes detailed documentation of the situation before and after the application of POLGRIND. Thus, we ensure maximum transparency of our activities at your premises. Our service is suitable for numerous grinding plants and kiln plants and is available around the world.

Your advantages with POLGRIND

  • Effective elimination of defects and surface damage on tyres and slide rings
  • Documentation of the grinding success by electronic diameter and roundness measuring instruments
  • Usable all around the world
  • Optimizing operation of supporting rollers, tyres and slide rings