POLYCOM Expert Check

Expert Service for an extended service life of your polycom® HPGR

Profile care, condition examination and recommendations for your polycom®

Regular maintenance and inspections by our polycom® experts ensure the consistent and reliable performance, as well as an extended service life of the polycom® roll units. Our experts record the exact status of your HPGR and recommend specific measures to optimize the operating conditions.

Our polycom® Expert Service is ideally suited to maintenance and servicing of the rolls. The feed material pull-in capability, the formation of autogenous wear protection and the smooth running of the overall polycom® unit are all largely dependent on expert maintenance of the roll bodies and their profiling.

The right profile care is therefore always our priority when servicing the machine. In this way high availability and economical continuous operation can be ensured. Optionally, we inspect your entire HPGR and advise you on optimizations.

Service for polycom® roll units for higher availability and less wear

  • Wear measurement and check of the wear profile of the roll bodies
  • Surface care: mechanical re-profiling, manual intermediate profiling, repair of local damage, optimization of the edge zones by grinding and repair of the wear surfaces by removal and re-welding of the hardfacing/profiling
  • Theoretical and practical training of plant personnel with regard to wear measurement and profile maintenance

Service polycom® inspection

  • Condition examination of further mechanical main components (base frame, hydraulic system, drive etc.), as well as mechanical and process-technological basic settings (gap between the rolls, feed material guide, pressures etc.)
  • Wear measurement and check of the wear profile of the roll bodies
  • Status report with recommendations on optimal operating conditions and set of measures

Your advantages with our polycom® Expert Service

  • Inspection by thyssenkrupp experts
  • Detailed condition recording
  • Early detection of damage
  • Training of employees
  • Avoidance of loss of production
  • Optimized material throughput rates
  • Longer service life of the polycom® roll units