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Our remote service solutions: polysius® connect

polysius® connect - remote service

We are close, even if you are far away - see through our experts’ eyes via remote service

Fast assistance tailored to your needs

Our tools, which have been especially developed for industrial applications, enable us to provide professional remote service for the support and execution of engineering, commissioning and maintenance work. We can provide you with real-time on-site assistance for immediate troubleshooting needs, as well as for regular maintenance needs, depending on your requirements.

Worldwide availability - reducing downtime and costs

Our regional and local experts support you via PC, tablet or smartphone – no matter where our experts are in the world. It also does not matter where your job site is located – from any location, you can contact our experts via smartphone, tablet, or using our specially designed data glasses. Our specialized equipment adds comfort, but for immediate assistance to you, no special equipment is needed. Thus, our experts are able to support you worldwide and at any time. Our fast service availability helps you to reduce your plant’s downtimes and to save costs.

Expert on site via live support with polysius® connect remote service

Expert knowledge on site via live support

Through our online live video support, we can transmit the sounds and images of your worksite scene in both directions in real-time. This enables us to closely monitor your on-site view in order to assist you successfully. Our equipment is tailored for use in tough conditions and gives you maximum freedom of motion for use of your hands.

During the live support, it is possible to make videos and screenshots. Further, markers can be set in the live image. All of these images out of video and screenshots are therefore available as documentation after the remote service. In addition, as needed, our experts are able to provide you with various technical documents such as data sheets, technical diagrams, checklists etc.

polysius® connect - remote assist automation

We build tomorrow, today– efficient and fast remote service in engineering, commissioning and maintenance through our virtual control room

Efficient and economic methods for your technical assistance

Our virtual control room in Beckum enables us to support you with solutions regarding very specific problems in automation and electrical issues. Our specially qualified competence center for automation provides several different, efficient methods of technical assistance, such as remote diagnostics, active interventions in the automation system and support of your on-site maintenance technicians.

Fast and global availability to save costs

As our virtual control room is a real-time copy of the CCR on site, it does not matter where you are located. Our reliable and secure international communication structure enables us to support you at any time. Our short response time helps you to reduce your plants’ downtimes and to decrease costs – economically and efficiently.

remote assist competence center

Highly qualified competence center

All of our experts have been specially qualified for our competence center, have many years of experience and possess a broad knowledge in the field of automation, which is the basis for conducting a successful remote assist automation service. Depending on your requirements, we offer regular short sessions for a continuous development of your personnel, or via our virtual control room, the experts of our competence center are able to offer trainings for your operating personnel.

polysius® connect - remote operating support

Ready to change your perspective? Our experts are ready to support in plant operation, optimization and commissioning through our virtual control room

Benefit from our experience and in-depth knowledge

Our highly qualified experts have many years of experience in the fields of commissioning and support of operations on site. In order to save travel time, we can also conduct these services remotely. Through our virtual central control room in Beckum, we can provide you with operational support during commissioning of your plant or also in your day-to-day plant operation – depending on your needs. Our experts provide technical assistance by monitoring your plant’s operational and quality parameters, including analyses of failures and downtimes, enabling our experts to develop measures for improvement. We also support recommissioning and the determination of a new optimal operating point after modifications, etc.

Successful customer references – save time and be agile

During the Coronavirus pandemic we have conducted numerous remote commissioning projects successfully. Our virtual central control room is a real-time copy of the CCR on site and is operated by our commissioning experts – 24/7 if necessary. Together with our customer on site, we successfully access the specific machines’ control system through secure VPN-connections, thereby supporting the customers’ commissioning. Communication by Microsoft- Teams, by phone, smartphone video chat or other modern communication tools ensures that our experts and our customer are seamlessly connected. The tkIS remote commissioning is a fast and agile way to save both travel and response time while benefitting from reduced costs.

Trouble shooting, operational support and training

If commissioning has been completed successfully or if you just need support with trouble shooting or operations, we are also there for you. Depending on your requirements, we can also offer regular short sessions for a continuous development of your personnel. Our experts also offer trainings via our virtual control room for your operating personnel. Furthermore, we conduct supervision of all kinds of tests during plant operation, such as the use of alternative fuels, and then provide documentation of the results.