Advanced Positioning System

Enhanced on-site safety for people and equipment

Improving on-site safety and automated operations. Highly accurate positioning system for identifying the exact position of moving equipment and people on-site.

Advanced Positioning System
Sensor based advanced positioning system

Sensor-based advanced positioning system with real time tracking.

Highly accurate and reliable positioning system for mining, chemical, minerals, open pit mining

Accurate and highly reliable for exact position identification of equipment and people.

Optimization of operations and less downtimes.

Collision avoidance for the safety of personnel and equipment. Optimized operating safety and less unplanned downtimes.

Positioning & tracking of people in mines, underground environments and container terminals

Drone Inspection, Analytics

Our Advanced Positioning System is a versatile set of diverse transponder tags and devices with processing and supporting hardware that can be used in many ways. Its strength lies in its flexible and scalable layout.

Ultra Long Range Antennas are installed on vehicles for collision avoidance tasks or on fixed locations.

Our small receiving units can be placed on helmets or on other machines.

Philipp Eßer - Product Manager Automation Solutions

By applying our automation products we help our customers to operate their machines in a more reliable or planable way. This means reducing downtime and making the whole process more transparent.

Philipp Eßer - Product Manager Automation Products

Advanced Positioning System

When we implement our automation solutions our customers get a set of state-of-the-art sensors and our newly developed control software for their machines.

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