Digital Inventory Control

Transparent stockyards through smart sensors

Transparency regarding your stock levels is crucial for a more efficient production process. Manual stockpile surveying in inventory control is very time consuming, and as a result, highly cost-intensive. Our smart Digital Inventory Control System allows you to solve these challenges.

Automation and digitalization of stockyards

Precise 3D measurement and calculations of stockyard volume.

Automation and digitalization of stockyards.

Automatic & continuous measurement by scanning the stockpile.

Stockyard automatiion via sensor

Easy integration with standard industrial interfaces for subsequent processes.

thyssenkrupp makes your stockyard transparent so your whole process chain can be improved

Drone Inspection, Analytics

How it works

A radar sensor is placed above the stockyard and continuously scans the stockpile beneath in 3D. With our stockyard software the volume and mass is calculated via material densities.

Why Radar?

The radar sensors we use are designed for very demanding environments such as those found in the cement or mining industry. This method is highly precise and the initial point to improve the whole process chain.

Philipp Eßer - Product Manager Automation Solutions

By applying our automation products we help our customers to operate their machines in a more reliable or planable way. This means reducing downtime and making the whole process more transparent.

Philipp Eßer - Product Manager Automation Products

Digital Inventory Control

When we implement our automation solutions our customers get a set of state-of-the-art sensors and our newly developed control software for their machines.

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