Stockyard Automation

Transparent stockyards through smart sensors

After mechanically optimizing your stockyard equipment, automation and digitalization is the next logical step that helps you to bring your operations to the next level.

Stockyard Automation by thyssenkrupp
Automation and digitalization of stockyards

Installation makes your machines ready for advanced data analytics solutions.

Automation and digitalization of stockyards.

Collision Avoidance and risk reduction under highest safety standards.

Stockyard automatiion via sensor

Reducing peak loads that lead to a shorter overall machine lifetime, higher maintenance costs and downtimes

Sensor based intelligent stockyard automation for productivity growth & optimizing machine lifetime

Drone Inspection, Analytics

How it works

By combining our mechanical know-how and operations experience with state of the art sensor technology and data processing we can fully exhaust the potential of your assets.

Productivity growth by using our adaptive controller - optimal material flow by constantly measuring the piles surface. Autonomous and unmanned operation by fully automatic positioning.

Why Radar?

The radar sensors we use are designed for very demanding environments such as those found in the cement or mining industry. This method is highly precise and the initial point to improve the whole process chain.

Philipp Eßer - Product Manager Automation Solutions

When it comes to automation the interdisciplinary cooperation between machine design, engineering and our automation specialists at thyssenkrupp result in solutions with value for our customers from one single source.

Philipp Eßer - Product Manager Automation Products

Are you ready for stockyard automation? Ask for your automation readiness check.

We offer a pre automation readiness check of your machines and plant to provide you with an overview which hardware upgrades of your existing machines are needed and to be ready for automation.

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