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Rotary Kiln Solutions

Our comprehensive range of services for the optimization of your rotary kiln

Optimization of operation and maintenance

To optimise the availability of your rotary kilns, we have developed different service products for both the mining sector and cement plants. These service products lead to a significant improvement in the tyre fastening system, the girth gear fastening systems and the seals, as well as in kiln operation. We can thus help you to operate your plant efficiently, keep maintenance processes simple and to optimise the use of spare parts.

Proven and innovative optimization products

We offer you our service for delivery, installation and for adaptation of the parts to the specific production conditions. Our range of services includes proven and, at the same time, innovative spare parts and modernisation projects:

  • Splined tyre fastening system: The system transmits the forces from the kiln shell onto the tyre, and thus allows optimal expansion of the kiln shell whilst the operating temperature increases. Damage to the refractory lining and to the kiln shell is thus prevented.
  • Loose tyre fastening system: Changes in the kiln shell and in the tyre diameter that arise due to temperature changes are compensated by means of "kiln tyre pads" and "shim plates". To get the optimal ovality value of the kiln shell at normal operating conditions we adapt the required tyre clearance constructively for any application. An optimal ovality value is a fundamental precondition for optimised lifetime of the refractory lining.
  • Flexible girth gear fastening system: The flexible girth gear fastening system is known for its outstanding operating characteristics and its easy maintenance. The special feature of this flexible girth gear fastening system is that it is very rigid in the circumferential direction but flexible in the direction of the kiln centre.
  • Pneumatic kiln inlet and outlet seals: We offer seals for a large range of radial and axial movements. Thanks to a robust and low-wear design, as well as easy retrofitting with an extremely low downtime, our sealing systems are highly efficient.
  • Graphite seal: The inlet and outlet graphite seals separate the furnace process from the environment. The aim is to seal against false air - with maximum process reliability and availability. The thyssenkrupp graphite seals can be retrofitted irrespective of the kiln manufacturer and without additional modifications to your kiln.
  • Hydraulic axial thrust system: With the hydraulic axial thrust system, we assist a constant and continuous movement of your kiln, thanks to enforced axial uphill or downhill movement.
  • KTS-ME: With the use of our measuring und camera system KTS-ME, we can determine the kiln temperature and can check the burner flame and the cooler systems. In this way, we help you to optimise your energy requirement and the management of maintenance.
  • POLSCAN: POLSCAN is a high-precision, optoelectronic measuring system for checking rotary kiln geometry. The diagnosis of deviations at the kiln is carried out quickly, reliably and during operation of the plant.

Your advantages

  • A reduction in production costs
  • Optimised product life cycles
  • High availability of your plants
  • Minimum expenditure in the case of repair and replacement
  • Reduced range of spare-part