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Green Mining Technologies - Sustainability from Extraction to Service

Sustainable Mining Technology

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies is aware of the important contribution its equipment and processes make to sustainable development. In the development process of our equipment & services we always focus on efficient operations and take into consideration the environment, safety and the well-being of society and our planet. We want to provide clear value to our customers by helping them achieve their sustainability goals so that together we can make a positive impact in our society. To achieve this, we highly invest in innovation and development to continuously improve our existing solutions and create new sustainable solutions. In doing so, the safety and well-being of the environment and our society are always at the forefront.

 Making mining sustainable is our mission

We do our homework and we lead by example. More than only words we believe in facts and the trust of our thyssenkrupp community – from our people to our customers to the society. We disclose important KPIs to provide transparency on where are we standing with our sustainability trends. We’re constantly educating our employees and tackling sustainability systematically within our own organization. We believe also in that there is always room for further improvements. We create and enable a working governance structure that helps to foster a sustainability mindset within our organization. We want to shape our spirit and culture with clear guidance and example from our leadership.

Our long-term success depends on sustainable business practices as well as trustful relations with our customers, stakeholders, business partners and employees. thyssenkrupp consistently strives to make business decisions that serve not just its interests, but those of our society & environment as well. Our environmentally relevant activities comply to 100 % to ISO 14001. All of our suppliers comply to standards of thyssenkrupp Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our sustainability concept at a glance

Safer working conditions

Minimization of CO2 emissions and fuel

Optimal energy and water consumption

Maintenance prediction & parts' usage optimization

Reduction of dust emissions

Green Technologies from Extraction to Service

We strive to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment while ensuring the quality of products, solutions and services for our customers. With the use of innovative green technologies, the associated services and the accompanying decarbonisation, customers can implement a significantly more sustainable complete solution from "Pit to Port".

Your benefits from increased sustainability

Sustainable solutions – Reduced resource consumption & ecological footprint

OUR offer

Mining technologies operates in a resource-conserving, environmentally friendly and responsible manner. We are aware of global problems such as climate change, water scarcity, or endangered biodiversity and take these challenges into account when designing products for our customers.

  • Solutions for reduced operational emissions such as zero emissions pre-blasting alternatives

  • Higher longevity of new parts & predictive maintenance

  • Lower water & energy demand solutions

YOUR benefits

Our top priority goals are to contribute to a sustainable environment, and to efficiently use the resources at our disposal. Beginning at the product development stage, we set high standards aimed at ensuring eco-friendly solutions, technical reliability, and a safe and healthy working environment.

  • State of the art equipment ensures optimized operations with minimal environmental footprint

  • Optimized energy and water consumption

  • Safer working conditions

thyssenkrupps Green Tech benefits from Extraction to Service