Large Scale Production Plants

Production Scale Plants

Our production scale plants are designed according to highest industrial standards meeting all client specific requirements.

All components are very long lasting and with a low degree of maintenance.


Plants in this category are delivered in individual components, while depending on the actual design some components like electrical components or valves can be pre-installed on steel skids to minimize installation time before commissioning.


Plant features

Plants can be designed with a high degree of flexibility (multi-purpose plants) or according to a specific optimized process for a single product.

Questions like recovery strategy and energy efficiency play a major role in these plants, which is why we can also assist in optimizing the plant.

It is also possible to add special equipment like columns, if needed.

Production Scale Plants

Vessel sizes for these plants usually are several cubic meters for the main equipment (extractors) on the actual process requirements and production capacity.

The control of these plants is done by a PC-based process control system.

The main equipment is designed with quick acting closure systems for quick product exchange and a good accessibility of the inside of the vessel (usually segmental ring closures, but in certain cases clamp closure systems can also be applied).

Every plant is designed with electrical and mechanical safety features which makes it almost impossible to open the equipment while under pressure.