HPP machine 

Uhde 700-60 TWIN

High availability and efficiency: over 3,200 kg (7050 lbs) throughput per hour

With two parallel high-pressure vessels, the Uhde 700-60 TWIN provides you with high production volumes around the clock. While one vessel is at operating pressure, the second is unloaded, reloaded and filled with water. With optimized cycle rates this allows a “quasi-continuous process” with over 3,200 kg (7050 lbs) of product per hour and maximum utilization of system components. It makes the Uhde 700-60 TWIN the biggest and most flexible system on the market.

Uhde 700-60 TWIN

Easy to operate, low on maintenance

Each system has a large control panel allowing intuitive control of all system functions. Reports detailing key parameters are produced for each cycle and can be used as proof of process reliability.

Even maintenance is no problem. While one unit is being serviced, the second continues in operation. The maintenance-friendly design and long component life reduce downtimes to a minimum.

Uhde 350-60

Individual, smart, flexible.

Your production has special requirements? The Uhde 350-60 is modular and configurable, from process direction to an option for MAP packaging to freely positionable high-pressure pumps. Depending on your requirements you can treat up to 1,600 kg (3525 lbs) of product per hour.

Uhde 350-60

It’s not just the system design that’s efficient, its operation is too. All process parameters are displayed on the integrated control panel and can be configured easily by finger pressure. Special software features identify irregularities before they can lead to a failure.

This system grows with your output

The Uhde 350-60 adapts to your needs and facilitates long-term planning. You can increase production volume variably by adding further HP units or upgrading to the 700-liter system.

Uhde 160-60

Simply install and run

Uhde HPP 160-60

The Uhde 160-60 is ideal for medium throughputs of up to 750 kg (1650 lbs) per hour. This machine offers ease of maintenance and high reliability. In addition, the two 90 kW intensifiers are sited in a separate room so heat and noise do not affect production. This also simplifies pump maintenance.

To install this machine all you need is a sufficiently stable floor, because the system is mounted on special load-distributing feet. This solution also ensures fast and efficient installation.

Uhde 55-60

High quality for low volumes

Uhde 55-60 hpp

Ideal for small businesses and start-ups: The Uhde 055-60 gently processes more than 210 kg (465 lbs) per hour. The system is modular and can be delivered and installed quickly.

The compact design provides a small footprint. Almost all major components are located directly on or in the machine. Only the intensifier is installed separately – keeping heat and operating noise away from the production area.

Uhde 002-70

Our solution for labs, product and process development

Uhde test systems are used in institutes and universities for product and process development. The machines are fully automatic and feature an HMI with visualization for ease of operation.

Uhde 002-70

Pressure build-up is by an internal intensifier, so there’s no temperature change from an additional pressure-transmitting medium. The systems can be expanded if required.

Features at a glance:

  • Process temperature up to 125°C
  • External PC for optimum data analysis
  • Precise, fully automated slow decompression
  • Controlled pressure build-up with programmable pressure ramps

Special systems

High pressure + thermal treatment = sterilization system

High pressure assisted thermal sterilization (HPATS) combines the advantages of normal HPP treatment with those of thermal preservation. Before pressure treatment the product is heated to up to 95°C. As the pressure is increased to up to 7,000 bar the product quickly heats up further. The resultant temperature in the vessel reaches up to 125°C. Thanks to the combination of pressure and temperature, microorganisms are neutralized thoroughly – even bacterial spores have no chance.

High process reliability, full control

Special high-pressure heat exchangers and an integrated heating system for the vessel ensure that the temperature in the treatment chamber doesn’t drop. Pressure-resistant sensors and a pressure-resistant data logger record temperature and pressure profiles in several regions of the vessel.

Special systems

Safety through experience

Uhde High Pressure Technologies has been making HPP machines for processing food for over 20 years. The biggest high-temperature HPP machine ever built with a volume of 150 liters was made by us in 2006. All HPP machines are manufactured according to the European pressure equipment directive and ASME requirements.