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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. Our CSR Teams have collaborated successfully with leading Hospitals and Academic Institutions to deliver our commitment through ‘Healthcare’ schemes and ‘Educational Programmes’ directly to these Hospitals and Academic Institutions.

Doing it Differently with Meaningful Inclusivity at all levels

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a passion for us at thyssenkrupp. We take our commitment to this cause very seriously. Interestingly, this passion is not just restricted to our Management, which prides itself on our company being a responsible corporate citizen, but extends to our employees who carry the CSR mandate forward by implementing the projects with zeal and the same professional approach that they bring to their everyday assignment. Our CSR Plan is top-driven. Our CSR Board finalizes projects to be implemented in the year in the fields of Health, Environment, Education and Social Welfare. Our Board personally oversees the progress of each project.

Key features of our Module

- Fully aligned with Government of India mandate for CSR spends annually.

- Looks at creating and delivering sustainable assistance in the relevant sectors. Projects for example aim at relevant grassroot education that equip youth for professional development including job-enhancing opportunities

- Projects are self-driven. Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) are not deployed. Donations are given directly at the point of need. This ensures optimum availability of funds/donations for the beneficiaries.

- There is no separate CSR Department in our organisation. Employees implement the projects after volunteering, under the direction and guidance of an internal CSR Consultant.

- Full compliance and transparency across projects. Complete scrutiny of beneficiary bonafides, needs, and observance of all ethical procurement policies during implementation. Legal vetting by internal and external agencies. -

- Long-term relationship with established donees through year-on-year donations via additional projects, thus enabling all-round upgradation of facilities for next level growth and performance.

- Benefits employees in terms of sharing company vision, developing accountability, experiencing variety at the job level, discovering philanthropic calling, harnessing skills & talent and getting a chance to give back to society while being appreciative of their own privileges and situations