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Coke Oven Coke Oven Batteries

Coke Ovens

Coke Oven Batteries and Service Machines

With our illustrious history spanning almost 150 years and a global footprint covering is excess of 500 coking plants and 100,000 coke ovens, our group is one of the leading suppliers of solutions for the coking business.

What’s more is that our proven carbon capture technology offers a viable solution to capture CO2 from various off-gases from steel mills. The Carbon2Chem technology is also applicable to chemical, power and cement plants, making it an answer to the global solution of decarbonisation. Going further, downstream applications further enhance the utility of the captured CO2.

We are able to offer technology and a wide range of systems, machines, products and services for coke ovens coke oven batteries from India.

Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with your requirements.

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