I belong to the millennial group. It’s a nice tag and I carry it with pride. Millennial refers to a period of thousands of years. As if I am the summary of those many years and carry the experience and evolution of woman-kind from all these generations. This vastness of time and the idea that all that time is within me in some form is truly liberating, hugely responsible, and feels free. How can anything go wrong with so much of the past behind me and so much wisdom being passed on from time immemorial?

I belong to thyssenkrupp, a place where core technical work motivates and stimulates me. My work so meaningful that everything that I do needs to leave a stamp of quality, domain expertise, and professional mindset. I am working with the most amazing set of colleagues and leaders who in their success and setbacks have been able to pass many learnings about the work and leadership. It’s not easy to be challenged every day and it’s also not easy to blend in and balance work with life’s priorities. At this stage of life where I am extremely motivated to create an identity for myself, I find myself at crossroads. Career is important, freedom, purpose of work, and the meaning of life are non-negotiables. I step out into an uncertain world every day but I do this with courage and thought that hundreds of years of learning are with me.

I look forward to a time when gender is not a topic for discussion. It is an equal world. Social media gives me anonymity and the power to understand and debate a wide variety of topics.  Today I consider myself a digital native. My beliefs are stronger than the traditions and legends that I have been a part of.

My life will be full of endless possibilities. I am determined to pursue my dreams. I want to stand out for my work. I want my personality to reflect my ambition. I want to settle down into a relationship only when I am ready. I want to be asked for my ideas and opinions and I definitely want to contribute. I am a girl who carries my heart and head on my palm. I am ready to choose and experiment. The time to settle down will come later – let me learn to fly first. To everyone around I ask – can we make it better!! I want to be a superwoman – a superstar.