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Green chemicals – energy transition made easy

Green Ammonia | Power-to-X
Green Ammonia
All you need is green energy, air and water.
Green Methanol | Power-to-X
Green Methanol
Replacement fuel and energy carrier.
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Green SNG
Capture CO2, leverage the gas grid.
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Green hydrogen for sector coupling
Green hydrogen plus downstream solutions.

Decarbonizing our society is a huge task, but there are solutions available that offer a lot of leverage. If we really want to make our value chains sustainable and minimize CO2 and other greenhouse gases, we have to start at the very beginning: energy production has to become renewable. After that, it is all about how to utilize green energy – and how to cope with CO2 emissions.

thyssenkrupp offers a quite unique set of solutions which can enable these green value chains. It starts with our alkaline water electrolysis, which produces green hydrogen with high efficiency.

Green Chemicals
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Green hydrogen, the clean starting point for decarbonization and green chemicals

Green hydrogen, the clean starting point for decarbonization

Our high-efficiency water electrolysis produces hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, using only electrical energy. No carbon involved, no CO2 emitted. Designed in standard modules of 10-20 MW, they easily add up to enable large installations needed for industrial scale applications.

And with industrial scale, we have a track record – plus a unique portfolio of downstream processes: green ammonia, methanol, SNG, fertilizers, and more. thyssenkrupp can offer green technologies and complete project execution from a single source.

Modular water electrolysis for industrial applications – ready to deliver!

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With our customers in mind, we designed our water electrolysis in standardized modules of 10-20MW. This means: easy transport and setup, minimized on-site effort. By adding up the modules, projects up to several hundred Megawatts can be realized. Thanks to our established supply chain of 1 GW per year, we are perfect partners for industrial scale projects. Take a look at how easy a 100 MW plant can be!

Leading edge electrolysis technology – well-proven performance

How does water electrolysis work? Video Alkaline Water Electrolysis (AWE) Deep Dive

The alkaline water electrolysis was developed on the basis of our world-leading chlor-alkali electrolysis by thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers. With decades of experience in industrial large-scale electrolysis, the alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) was thoroughly designed and tested. Right now, it shows its excellent performance in the Carbon2Chem® project, where steel mill off gases are converted to valuable chemicals using green hydrogen.
How our water electrolysis works? Take a look inside the cell!

Projects & partners for a sustainable future

Green Cement


Hydrogen from water electrolysis, green chemicals and sector coupling

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