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Green Ammonia | Power-to-X
Green Ammonia
All you need is green energy, air and water.
Green Methanol | Power-to-X
Green Methanol
Replacement fuel and energy carrier.
Green SNG | Power-to-X
Green SNG
Capture CO2, leverage the gas grid.
Green hydrogen for sector coupling | Power-to-X
Green hydrogen for sector coupling
Green hydrogen plus downstream solutions.

Decarbonizing our society is a huge task, but there are solutions available that offer a lot of leverage. If we really want to make our value chains sustainable and minimize CO2 and other greenhouse gases, we have to start at the very beginning: energy production has to become renewable. After that, it is all about how to utilize green energy – and how to cope with CO2 emissions.

thyssenkrupp offers a quite unique set of solutions which can enable these green value chains. It starts with our alkaline water electrolysis, which produces green hydrogen with high efficiency. Explore for yourself how we can help to make the industrial landscape mroe sustainable - click the "hotspots" below or browser our page.

Green Chemicals
Infografic Power-to-X and green chemicals from water electrolysis

Green hydrogen, the clean starting point for decarbonization and green chemicals

Green hydrogen, the clean starting point for decarbonization

Our high-efficiency water electrolysis produces hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, using only electrical energy. No carbon involved, no CO2 emitted. Designed in standard modules of 20 MW, they easily add up to enable large installations needed for industrial scale applications.

And with industrial scale, we have a track record – plus a unique portfolio of downstream processes: green ammonia, methanol, SNG, fertilizers, and more. thyssenkrupp can offer green technologies and complete project execution from a single source.

Modular water electrolysis for industrial applications – ready to deliver!

Power-to-X Animation 100 MW

With our customers in mind, we designed our water electrolysis in standardized modules of 20MW. This means: easy transport and setup, minimized on-site effort. By adding up the modules, projects up to several hundred Megawatts can be realized. Thanks to our established supply chain of 1 GW per year, we are perfect partners for industrial scale projects. Take a look at how easy a 100 MW plant can be!

Leading edge electrolysis technology – well-proven performance

How does water electrolysis work? Video Alkaline Water Electrolysis (AWE) Deep Dive

The alkaline water electrolysis was developed on the basis of our world-leading chlor-alkali electrolysis by thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers. With decades of experience in industrial large-scale electrolysis, the alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) was thoroughly designed and tested. Right now, it shows its excellent performance in the Carbon2Chem® project, where steel mill off gases are converted to valuable chemicals using green hydrogen.
How our water electrolysis works? Take a look inside the cell!

Brochure download

Green hydrogen and green chemicals concept development brochure
All you need to assess the economic fesaibility of green hydrogen and green chemicals projects, from first concept to detailed modeling.

Green hydrogen and green chemicals concept development

Economic viability of green hydrogen and green chemicals projects has to be considered from the very start. Especially the effective integration of the different technologies is crucial to reach the lowest possible TCO. Decisions in early stages can have a huge impact on CAPEX and OPEX later on, so we help you to find the "sweet spot" for your investment.

With decades of experience in that field and our propietary modeling tools, we are ready to make green hydrogen and chemicals projects happen!

Have a look at the brochure for more detailed information, or just contact our experts for more details:

Projects & partners for a sustainable future

Green Cement


Hydrogen from water electrolysis, green chemicals and sector coupling

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