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thyssenkrupp belt conveyors: Flexible and modular

Design of the thyssenkrupp belt conveyors

thyssenkrupp belt conveyors consist of the conveyor frame segments as well as the drive station and the tensioning station. The bolted or welded belt frame segments with the associated idler stations are available in standardized widths between 500 and 1200 mm and in 5 different lengths, which can be combined with each other to achieve the required overall lengths. The corresponding drive and tensioning stations are simply connected to them. The individual segments are designed to fit into standard sea containers, enabling quick and cost effective transport. The belt conveyors are available in normal and heavy duty design. Total lengths of 30 m can be achieved with the normal version and 70 m for the heavy version. Depending on the design, throughput capacities from 100 to 1,300 t/h can be achieved.

The entire series is designed in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and is equipped with all the mandatory safety devices. Walkways with anti-slip perforated plates are optionally provided on one or both sides, from 1000 mm width always on both sides. Optionally, the belt conveyors can be equipped with hard or flexible covers. All important components such as idlers and drive components are sourced from well-known suppliers. Here thyssenkrupp offers several options to meet all specific requirements. For example, the idlers in the feed area can be set closer together or special buffer rollers or slide tables can be installed.

The drive stations are equipped with one or two gear motors. In addition, an optional tensioning drum can be installed to increase the wrap angle on the drive drum. A primary scraper ensures the cleaning of the belt. The tensioning stations work with spindles and are quickly accessible through a pivotable cover. A self-adjusting plough scraper cleans the inner side of the belt in the return strand. For safe monitoring of the conveyor operation, the belt conveyors are equipped with speed monitors. The rubber belts with textile inlay can also be designed with cleats if required.

Thanks to the modular system of belt conveyors from thyssenkrupp with numerous selection options, almost all conveying functions in small to medium-sized processing plants can be fulfilled flexibly, quickly and cost-efficiently. This of course also includes adjustments to ground structures and traffic concepts with corresponding elevation of the conveyors.

Advantages of thyssenkrupp belt conveyors 

thyssenkrupp's modular belt conveyors have proven themselves in a wide range of applications in the production of aggregates, gravel, chips and sand as well as in the recycling of construction waste. The main advantages of these conveyors are amongst others:

  •  High degree of standardization and modular design

  • Thereby cost-efficient and flexible solutions and short delivery times

  • Low transport costs through adaptation to container dimensions

  • High technical standard through the use of high-quality parts and components