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High cubicity guaranteed: multirok® vertical shaft impactors (VSI) by thyssenkrupp

multirok® vertical shaft impactors (VSI) have been in operation worldwide for many years. multirok® crushers are typically used in tertiary and quaternary crushing applications for the production of chippings and sand and are ideal for medium to hard rock. They can be used flexibly in stationary, semi-mobile and mobile plants.

multirok vertical shaft impactors by thyssenkrupp

High cubicity guaranteed

In vertical shaft impactors (VSI) the material is fed centrally into the fast turning rotor from above. The centrifugal forces inside the rotor throw the material against the sidewall, where it is crushed by impact forces resulting in a highly cubical product. Multiroks from thyssenkrupp are available in two sidewall and rotor variants: the sidewalls can be equipped either with anvils or with a rock box which forms a material bed during operation. For the rotor there is a choice of open or closed configuration. The optimum configuration is selected on the basis of the feed material and the specific customer requirements.

thyssenkrupp offers its multirok® vertical shaft impactors in three sizes: multirok® 7 for throughputs of up to 200 tph, multirok® 9 for throughputs of up to 300 tph and multirok® 9 Duo – which has two drive motors – for throughputs of up to 400 tph. The product size is mainly influenced by the rotational speed of the rotor and can be adjusted by changing the same. For limestone e.g. with a feed size of 8 to 25 mm and a rotor speed of 55 m/s, a product of p80 ≤ 9.5 mm can be expected. If the rotor speed is increased to 66 m/s for the same feed, the product size is reduced to p80 ≤ 6 mm. The multirok® can be equipped with a variable frequency drive to adjust the rotor speed, which enables quick and easy product changes during operation.

Multirock Infographic

Easy maintenance for a long service life

Maintenance is a key issue in the operation of vertical shaft impactors (VSI). Multiroks from thyssenkrupp are of robust design and offer a long service life while ensuring easy access to key components. The rotor liners and the anvils in the anvil ring can be accessed and replaced simply via a hydraulically removable housing cover. All wear parts are made of highly wear-resistant materials such as manganese and tungsten carbide.

The versatility of the multirok® does not end with the configuration of the sidewall and rotor. Operators can respond at any time to changes in operations and subsequently switch (change) between anvil ring and material bed and between open and closed rotor designs. All Multiroks are also equipped with automatic lubrication units for the drive shaft roller bearings to ensure reliable lubrication.


The features of the thyssenkrupp multirok® vertical shaft impactors (VSI) can be summarized as follows:

  • Tertiary and quaternary crushing
  • Production of chippings and sand
  • Ideal for medium to hard rock
  • High-cubicity finished product
  • Variable rotor and sidewall configurations for adaptation to product requirements (Sidewalls can be equipped with anvils or rock box / Rotors in open or closed design)
  • Easy adjustment of rotor speed for quick and easy product changes
  • Easy maintenance for a long service life
  • Solutions for mobile, semi-mobile or stationary plant requirements.

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