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Jet Reactor Technology

Jet Reactor: the heart of thyssenkrupp's technology

Jet Reactor

Our licensed technologies, whether full process plants or key equipment, can be found in installations around the world. Our proprietary equipment is engineered to last, underpinning our continual commitment to performance and quality. We continuously improve our designs through feedback from executed projects, technical service, vendors and fabricators, and our own research and development center in Thailand. This ensures that each client receives maximum value for their investment.

Superior Technology

Superior Technology Solution

The tkIS jet reactor technology offers the best in Safety, Performance, Automation and Flexibility:

  • Inherent Safer Design concept is an intrinsic part of tkIS technology

  • The most effective gas-liquid, liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixing

  • Highest mass & energy transfer

  • High growth ratios for alkoxylation reactions

  • Multiple layers of basic and advanced process control, and safety instrumented systems

  • Proprietary batch sequence control and recipes

Jet Mixing and Scale Up

superfine bubble flow in Jet Mixer draft tube

superfine bubble flow at Jet Mixer outlet

The flow regime inside the Jet Mixer and its draft tube is a superfine bubble flow resulting in a large interfacial area and thus very high mass and energy transfer rates (mixing intensity).

This flow regime can be easily maintained throughout scale-up since the critical system parameters are functionally separated into pump, heat exchanger and Jet Mixer, which all scale linearly with batch size.

Hence, recipe steps are directly transferable from the pilot plant to the industrial reactor.

Detailed Engineering Expertise

detailed engineering expertise

Our proprietary and special equipment is recognized as a global industry standard, and is produced by certified vendors and suppliers. The manufacturing processes used by our fabricators comply with applicable European, US or other design codes as well as more stringent thyssenkrupp internal quality requirements.

The process subjects equipment to cyclic variations in pressure and temperature. To ensure equipment performance over the life of the plant, our designs are verified using Finite Element Analysis to confirm their robustness and fitness for service.