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Research and Development

As a technology-driven engineering company, thyssenkrupp is committed to ensuring that our technologies are amongst the best. We constantly strive to improve and expand our technology range through research and development in cooperation with our partners.


Research and development

The thyssenkrupp R&D Centre provides an extensive range of services for in-house projects as well as for external clients:

  • Fundamental chemistry

  • Analytical support and development

  • Concept development and validation

  • Product development and upgrades

  • Recipe testing and optimization

  • Jet Reactor benchmarking

  • Validation of performance guarantees

  • Scale-up support

  • Review Freedom to Operate

  • Training, developing advanced staff competencies

For our technology, R&D is a key factor in developing new competitive advantages.

Our technologies benefit from a close relationship with R&D from our own Oleochemical Technology laboratory and pilot plant facilities commissioned in 2016 at Rayong, Thailand. In addition we can draw upon thyssenkrupp’s Corporate R&D facilities in Germany. This enables us to test recipes, conduct feedstock or product characterization, guarantee scale up parameters, and optimise process conditions for maximum operational and economic performance. In addition, we carry out fundamental product and process development for clients on a cooperative or contract basis.


Jet Reactor, Post Treatment and Wiped Film Evaporator Pilot Plants at thyssenkrupp R&D Centre

The thyssenkrupp R&D Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art pilot plants and laboratories:

  • Jet Reactor Pilot Plants

  • Stirred Reactor Pilot Plants

  • Wiped Film Evaporator Pilot Plant

  • Filtration Pilot Plant

  • Analytical and synthesis laboratories, including GC, HPLC, GPC, NIR

Laboratory and pilot plant

Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Thailand are staffed with experienced process engineers, analytical and synthesis chemists and laboratory technicians. Our highly skilled employees investigate new reaction and separation concepts as well as improvements to existing processes. This includes determination of physical properties and extensive analytical evaluations.

Contract synthesis and analysis

Contract synthesis and analysis

Our preparation laboratory and pilot plant facilities can provide milligram to kilogram quantities of compounds ranging from novel small molecules to complex chemical structures. Our team of experts can conduct catalytic and other reactions in batch, semi-batch and continuous mode using different reactor systems, including proprietary Jet Reactor units. Thermal separation technologies are available for the isolation and purification of compounds and mixtures, including short-path distillation systems for heat-sensitive compounds.

Supply of complete pilot plants

Supply of complete pilot plants

Drawing from our many years of experience in Jet Reactor system design and fabrication, we can supply clients with complete, multi-purpose modular pilot plants in various capacities and configurations. A pilot scale Jet Reactor is a valuable tool which enables oleochemical producers to develop and refine recipes for their industrial facilities, to carry out plant troubleshooting, and to gain fundamental process insights.