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Corporate Social Responsibility

We care

Corporate Social Responsibility

At thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. - respectful collaboration with our employees and partners is key to everything we do. We are aware of our social responsibility as a company, are fair in our business dealings, support numerous sociopolitical initiatives, and invest in environmental protection and resource efficiency. This is, in part, a reflection of the growing recognition of the need to ensure healthy ecosystems, social equity and good organizational governance. 

We take our responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. Our CSR Teams have collaborated successfully with our employees and communities to deliver our commitment through “Environment”, “Sustainability” and “Social Responsibility” programs.

Our CSR Projects

Save the Beach Project - 2019
Save the Beach Project - 2019
The Vetiver Grass Project - 2019
The Vetiver Grass Project - 2019
The Vetiver Grass Project - 2019
Cleaning Water Hyacinth Project - 2019
Cleaning Water Hyacinth Project - 2019
Cleaning Water Hyacinth Project - 2019
Giving Back Day - 2019
Pay It Forward - 2020

Health and Safety

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. is committed to protect the health and safety of our employees as our most valuable asset. Our objective is to implement all necessary measures in order to provide and maintain safe workplaces. To prevent accidents, occupational diseases and occupational health hazards, adequate measures are taken to eliminate or minimize any sources of hazard. This applies to every activity performed within the framework of our business processes and business partners.

We are committed to a “Zero accidents” Philosophy and work to improve working conditions and well-being in the workplace every day. We reduce the number of accidents by systematically eliminating unsafe conditions and acts. We engender a culture of “speak up” and empowerment, so that employees feel responsible and comfortable to stop unsafe acts.

We are extremely proud of our safety performance to date.  We have accumulated over 41.4 million project work hours without a Lost Time Incident (LTI).  This performance is a result of the safety culture that is embedded within our employees and where our mantra is: “to make sure everyone goes home safely, every day to their loved ones and families.”

Global Health & Safety Days

"Mind the traps"

5 behavioral traps we get caught in. Because it’s human nature. Personal behavior is ONE factor that contributes to accidents.

"Be a role model"

Show us how you bring more safety and health to your everyday work.

“Thank you for staying safe”

To thank everyone for your support, for your care, for you think of – and of course for the fact that you have always taken care of yourself at work and stayed safe.

"We move the world"

Focus on health: What distance can we clock up together on this day, and which team contributes the greatest number of steps.


thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Limited is committed to providing excellence in environmental management system sustainably.

We consider the environmental aspects and impacts associated with its activities, processes, services to determine the greatest risks and opportunities to the organization. The risks and opportunities associated with the particular context in which thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Limited operates as well as the needs and expectations of stakeholders are also considered in line with ISO14001:2015 requirements.

Our Environmental Commitment

  • We promote environmentally friendly and efficient products and service.

  • We conduct an open dialogue to create transparency and a common understanding of our environmental issues.

  • We comply with our binding obligations.

  • Environmental protection and the conservation of resources is a task for everyone.