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6000 bar High Pressure Pump
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High Pressure pump 6000 Bar

The development of 6,000 bar high pressure pumps is based on Uhde’s long-time experience in the production of 14,000 bar autofrettage pumps and 6,000 bar high pressure pumps for pasteurization plants (HPP).

In the year 2001 Uhde High Pressure Technologies was the first manufacturer to bring a two-stage high pressure pump system for an operating pressure of 6,000 bar into series production. A single-stage pump followed as a consequent improvement that resulted in the technically mature system being integrated into the new pump generation HPS/HPD.

HPD 6090 Uhde HPT

Check out our High Pressure Pump Series with HPS/HPD feature:

Pump Type HPS 6045 / HPD 6090

  • One (3 l/min) or two (6 l/min) intensifiers possible
  • common rail operation of multiple HP pumps possible
  • In case of maintenance, each HP unit can be operated independently

Maybe you are asking yourself: do I really need a 6,000 bar high pressure pump?

Understanding the characteristics of the results to be obtained with one of our 6,000 bar high pressure pumps, we are able to help you know if you require one of our 6,000 bar solutions:

  • increased max. cutting thickness (up to 400 or 500 mm)
  • increase of cutting speeds (1.8 to 2.5 times)
  • reduced abrasive consumption (30 to 40 %)
  • cutting harder materials such as ceramics
  • possible reduction in width of cut and angle
  • possibility to cut new materials and increasing the cutting quality
  • Possibility to cut with Pure Water

why a 6000 bar High Pressure Pump?

why a 6000 bar High Pressure Pump?

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