Water jet support & service

High pressure water jet pump support

Our qualified staff will assist you in all these matters. Starting from competent support to spare parts handling up to assisting you with onsite maintenance service up fittings, piping or high pressure filters we can support you with everything you may need when operating your equipment.

Water jet cuttung service

Uhde High Pressure Pumps – Qualified service worldwide

Service is our highest priority:

  • 24h spare parts service
  • If you order until 2 pm, you will receive the spare parts the next day
  • Spare parts available 10 years after delivery as a minimum
  • On-site maintenance by our HP Pump experts on a short notice
  • Training of personnel at Uhde or customers site by skilled technicians
  • Remote maintenance options available
  • Hotline with qualified technical assistance for fast troubleshooting
  • Accessories available all along the chain from the tap to the cutting nozzle

Do you need spare parts, service or helpful advice on how to optimize you high pressure system? We can assist you with:

  • spare parts
  • on-site-service
  • high pressure piping
  • high pressure fittings
  • water treatment systems
  • counseling for all questions that may arise

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