Paper: Modern Waste Water Treatment in Coke Making Plants (engl.)

AIST 2015, Cleveland, USA

Presentation: Modern Waste Water Treatment in Coke Making Plants (engl.)

The latest developments on the EnviBAT™ Pressure Regulation System“, including the new modular design for revamp applications (engl.)

Using modern coke oven technology at the new Hyundai Steel coke plant (engl.)

Effects and impacts of components of coal handling system on coke quality and yield of coke plants (engl.)


A numerical modelling of nonrecovery/heat-recovery coke ovens. (engl.)

Möglichkeiten zur Konfiguration des EnviBAT-Einzelkammerdruckregelungssystems an Kokereien.

"EnviBAT Pressure Regulation System for reduction of coke oven emissions", covering single oven pressure regulation system for coke ovens to fulfill environmental compliance and emission reduction. (engl.)

"Potentials and Limitations with respect to NOx-Reduction of Coke Plants", covering primary and secondary reduction methods, advanced heating flue design, combustion optimization and 3D-flow simulations. (engl.)

"A Higher Level Automation System", covering coke plant automation with COKEMASTER® and subsystems like AutoTherm™, BatControl™, ManuTherm™, PushSched™ and RamForce™ , installed on the first built state-of-the-art coke oven battery in North America for more than three decades. (engl.)

"Research on Process Technologies of Heat Recovery-Coke Ovens", contains the results of a theoretical model for the design of heat recovery ovens in respect to optimization of sole flue heating, increased process efficiency and environmental compliance. (engl.)

"Coke Plant Automation With COKEMASTER®", is a brief overview of the COKEMASTER® automation framework for coke plants including solutions for temperature measurement systems (ManuTherm™ / AutoTherm™), automatic battery heating control (BatControl™), production management and scheduling (PushSched™) and pushing force measurement (RamForce™). (engl.)

"Concept and Operating Results of a Higher-Level Automation System for the new C-Battery at the U. S. Steel Clairton Plant", covering an overview of the advanced Level 1 distributed control system (DCS) and a sophisticated Level 2 automation system for coke oven battery control called COKEMASTER®. (engl.)

"Informationen zum erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Neubauprojekt DSC/Taiwan", beinhaltet die verfahrenstechnische Beschreibung und Details zur Ausrüstung der Koksofenbatterien und Gasbehandlungsanlagen, sowie wichtige Betriebsergebnisse.

”High-Capacity Coke Oven Batteries” contains considerations and advantages to build large capacity coke ovens from economical, ecological, and technical point of view. (engl.)

”Installation of the Pressure Regulated Oven (PROven) system at existing coke plants – an effective measure for the reduction of coke oven emissions”, contains the functional description of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions single oven pressure control system and the approach to design and install this modular system on existing, as well as on new coke oven plants, all over the world. (engl.)


”Coke Quenching and Environment”, contains technological improvements of the environmental performance of low emission quench towers (LEQT), showing that installation of LEQT‘s is an efficient tool for improving the environmental performance of a coke plant. (engl.)


”Technological developments for improvement of the environmental performance of conventional coke plants”, contains an overview of the basic fundamentals and technological features of the applied processes, mentioning low emission quench towers (LEQT) and single oven pressure control (PROven®) and the actual status of the projects and the emissions reduction to be expected. (engl.)

“Technological developments for improvement of the environmental performance of conventional coke plants”, contains consideration of environmental regulations and measures to fulfill those, by means of installing low emission quench towers (LEQT) and single oven pressure control systems (PROven®). (engl.)