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Process chains as "end-to-end" solutions for all applications

The heart of any gasification-based plant is the gasification process. However, nowadays customers and investors have an understandable wish for the technology providers to play a greater role and take on more responsibility, also beyond their own technology.

To meet this wish thyssenkrupp offers entire process chains as “end-to-end” solutions with a corresponding process wrap – from feedstock input to end product.

Gasification overview
Gasification island

This mainly comprises the process steps

- Feedstock preparation incl. drying and grinding

- Gasification

- CO-shift

Gas treatment island

This mainly comprises the process steps

- Acid gas removal

- Sulfur recovery

- CO recovery

Product island

This mainly comprises the process steps required for the production of the end product, e.g.

- Methanation

- Methanol-to-Gasoline

- Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

- Ammonia synthesis

- Urea synthesis

Why gasification?

Gasification processes offer a number of upstream and downstream advantages to customers with access to solid feedstocks, especially coal, and dwindling energy reserves as well as a need to meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements. With proper preparation a variety of carbon-based materials can be easily gasified to produce synthesis gas (syngas) for the subsequent production of chemicals, liquid fuels, electricity or direct reduction gas (DRI). Gasification is particularly clean and efficient.

Gasification is also flexible with respect to feedstock quality and the use of mixed feedstocks. The gasification of low-value or waste materials is an attractive option. Even otherwise problematic materials can be gasified together with the main feedstock.

As coal is much more abundant than oil and gas and global availability ensures security of supply and relative price stability for the foreseeable future, coal will play an ever greater role worldwide in power generation, the chemical industry (e.g. in India, China or Africa) and in the production of liquid fuels (gasoline, diesel, etc.).

Gasification technology offers environment-friendly, efficient solutions for these applications. In power generation, for example, gasification can achieve high electrical efficiencies and also forms a basis for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) or Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU).

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ proprietary HTW™ and PRENFLO® technologies provide tailor-made gasification solutions optimized for specific applications.


The selection of the end product is analyzed in the concept phase and is influenced by various factors, such as feedstock to be used, targeted sales market, owner structure, financing model, CAPEX and OPEX expectations, availability of required partners, emissions and environmental conditions, possibilities in terms of CCS/CCU, local incentives, strategic and political importance.

Common applications are to be found in the chemical (coal-to-chemicals) and refinery fields (coal-to-synfuels), and in isolated cases also in power generation and now increasingly in waste-to-energy.

Some examples are given below, with the “X” standing for various feedstocks or feedstock combinations.





X-to-Diesel (Fischer-Tropsch)


X-to-DRI (reduction gas)



Technology provider and EPC contractor from a single source

The process chain with its individual technology links forms the key foundation for the further development of a plant and its cost efficiency. However, successful realization depends on the choice of a suitable and experienced EPC contractor.

As a process-oriented EPC contractor with over 2,000 plants built, we can meet both roles, that of technology provider and integrator, and that of EPC contractor. This means that our role and responsibility in a project can be tailored completely to the requirements of the client. "

The same applies to the scope of work, which can extend from a conceptual or feasibility study to a license and basic engineering package for individual technologies or technology chains to front-end engineering and EP/EPCM/EPC.

Our services

  • Coal tests
  • Conceptual studies for entire plants- Feasibility studies for entire plants
  • Licensing of gasification technologies and, if required, downstream technologies incl. basic engineering package
  • End-to-end process solutions including integrated basic engineering package and licensing with process wrap
  • Front-end engineering design (FEED)
  • Cost estimates
  • Engineering, procurement, construction
  • Commissioning and start-up support
  • Training of operating personnel
  • After-sales services"

More than 100 gasifiers built

Since the early twentieth century tkIS has been making a key contribution to the chemical conversion of carbon-containing solid and liquid feedstocks into high-value synthetic products. This has been carried out both in cooperation with third-party technology providers, such as Texaco and Shell, and independently. In the course of time we have gained experience with eight different gasification technologies:

  • Texaco oil gasification TGP (today GE)
  • Texaco coal gasification TCGP (today GE)
  • Shell oil gasification SGP
  • Shell coal gasification SCGP
  • Koppers-Totzek solids gasification
  • Winkler solids gasification
  • High-Temperature Winkler solids gasification
  • PRENFLO® solids gasification with Heat Recovery (PSG) and with Direct Quench (PDQ)

In total we can look back at more than 100 plants built.

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