Prilling of low-density ammonium nitrate

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ state-of-the-art technology for low-density ammonium nitrate plants. The prilling of low-density ammonium nitrate is a proprietary Uhde process, designed for maximum reliability and safety.

Low-density ammonium nitrate (LDAN) is used as an effective and cost-efficient mining explosive, mainly in a mixture with fuel oil (ANFO) or in emulsion-type explosives.

For the production of low-density prills, the ammonium nitrate melt from the ammonium nitrate neutralization plant is mixed with a prilling additive and pumped to the top of the prilling tower. From here the melt is sprayed in droplets which crystallize in a countercurrent stream of cool air.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers licensed technology with projects ranging from basic engineering to execution on an EPC lump sum basis. Uhde has designed LDAN prilling plants operating up to a capacity of 1,200 mtpd in a single line and engineered licensed processes of up to 1,060 mtpd. Today, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions ranks among the world's leading process plant licensors for low-density ammonium nitrate prilling technology.

The Uhde low-density ammonium nitrate prilling process is known for:

  • low air and steam requirements by re-use of cooling air
  • all air used in the process is washed to meet BAT (best available technology) emission levels
  • cost-effectiveness

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