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thyssenkrupp amination plants are based on our proprietary Jet Reactor technology and guarantee a safe, efficient and sustainable production of a wide variety of fatty amides, nitriles and amines, mainly used in water treatment, agrochemicals, asphalt and industrial sectors.

The core of the process is the Jet Mixer technology which is operated in a closed system. The proprietary arrangement of Jet Reactor, Jet Mixer and Liquid Circulation Loop in combination with the patented Gas Circulation and Conditioning Loop offers considerable advantages over conventional stirred reactor systems. 

Inherent Attributes of thyssenkrupp Jet Reactor technology

  • Gas circulation and conditioning loop.

  • Jet Mixer with excellent gas-liquid, liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixing.

  • Highly efficient nitrogen stripping and excess raw material distillation.

  • Homogeneous operating conditions (very even temperature and concentration profile).

  • Closed system operating at positive pressure throughout the reaction. No oxygen ingress and less foaming.

Major advantages of the thyssenkrupp Jet Reactor technology:

  • Excellent product quality straight off the reactor

  • Reduced product distillation requirements and higher product yields

  • High reaction rates leading to lower cycle times

  • No expensive hydrogen compressor required

  • No nitrogen consumption during reaction

  • No vacuum operation during reaction

  • Less gaseous emissions and liquid waste effluents

Typical Block Flow Diagram
Modularization Concept
Liquid Circulation Loop
Typical 3D Model

Process Description

Our Jet Loop Reactor technology achieves high conversion to nitrile, resulting in lower feed and utility costs and high production capacity per unit reactor volume. Our new Jet Mixer design creates a continual forced circulation of the reactor headspace through an external gas circulation loop in which the reaction water is selectively condensed and eliminated from the system.

The Jet Reactor system also demonstrates its advantage in hydrogenation, wherein the external gas circulation loop ensures maximum utilization of hydrogen without the need for an expensive hydrogen compressor.

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