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thyssenkrupp esterification plants are based on our proprietary Jet Reactor technology and guarantee a safe, efficient and sustainable production of a wide variety of fatty esters, both partially and completely esterified, including light alcohol esters, light acid esters, acylglycerols, saccharide esters and specialty esters such as polyesters, lubricants and plasticizers.

The core of the process is the Jet Mixer technology which is operated in a closed system. The proprietary arrangement of Jet Reactor, Jet Mixer and Liquid Circulation Loop in combination with the patented Gas Circulation and Conditioning Loop offers considerable advantages over conventional stirred reactor systems. 

Inherent Attributes of thyssenkrupp Jet Reactor technology

  • Gas circulation and conditioning loop.

  • Jet Mixer with excellent gas-liquid, liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixing.

  • Highly efficient nitrogen stripping and excess raw material distillation.

  • Homogeneous operating conditions (very even temperature and concentration profile).

  • Closed system operating at positive pressure throughout the reaction. No oxygen ingress and less foaming.

Major advantages of the thyssenkrupp Jet Reactor technology

  • Batch time reductions by up to 50% compared to standard stirred reactors.

  • Superior product quality straight-off the reactor (AV, OHV, Colour, Odour) with minimal post treatment requirements

  • Safe operation in a closed system under an inert nitrogen blanket at positive pressure. No risk of oxygen ingress and less foaming.

  • Higher product yields and less gaseous, liquid and solid waste due to nearly complete raw material conversion and less post treatment requirements.

Typical Block Flow Diagram
Modularization Concept
Liquid Circulation Loop
Typical 3D Model

Gas Conditioning Loop

The Gas  Conditioning Loop is driven by the Jet Reactor Circulation Pump and the suction effect of the Jet Mixer, maintaining a forced circulation of nitrogen from the reactor headspace, through the gas conditioning loop, and back to the reactor. This allows nitrogen circulation and stripping rates that are much greater than can be economically provided by sparging with fresh nitrogen in a stirred reactor.

By operating in a closed system and avoiding continuous nitrogen consumption and vacuum operation during reaction, energy requirements are reduced, emissions and effluents from the vacuum system are minimized and an operation at positive pressure inherently avoids ingress of oxygen and preserves good colour and odor.

Jet Mixer

The esterification reaction is an equilibrium reaction following the law of mass action. The equilibrium can be shifted towards the right-hand side by removing water vapour formed as a by-product (condensation reaction). The efficient and intimate mixing  inside the Jet Mixer as well as the high nitrogen stripping rates  significantly reduce batch times   while keeping temperatures, catalyst & chemicals  consumption   as well as excess of reactants low. 

The efficient mixing and high liquid turnover also ensures homogenous reaction conditions and eliminates temperature or concentration profiles. This guarantees excellent product quality, straight off the reactor, minimizing or even eliminating energy-intensive post treatment steps. 

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