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Industries we serve


We still set the benchmark in surface mining and mineral processing, and we are specialists in ore crushing, transportation and processing. Our mine planning and other services help customers reduce costs and optimize productivity.

Naval Technology

We are one of the world’s leading naval system providers. Our submarines, naval surface vessels and maritime defense equipment are known for their superior technological excellence, reliability and longevity.


We create complete chemical plants, from engineering, procurement and construction through to technical and operating services. Our solutions for fertilizers, base chemicals, electrolysis, polymers, gas technologies, oil & gas, as well as biotechnology and high pressure applications are reliable, efficient and sustainable.


For the automotive industry, we are the system partner for all key components in the car body and powertrain process chains. We have more than 100 years' experience in overcoming technical limitations through innovation.


We are one of the world's leading full-line suppliers to the cement industry. Innovative technologies, processes and machinery guarantee our customers eco-friendly solutions as well as maximum productivity and cost efficiency.


Our solutions for the steel industry range from ore mining through to product optimization: mining, ore processing, coke plant technologies, metallurgical injection systems, transportation and storage – efficient, robust and according to the latest environmental standards.


Seit mehr als 90 Jahren planen und bauen wir Düngemittelanlagen. Auf diesem Gebiet sind wir weltweit führend und verfügen über erstklassige Technologien sowie ausgezeichnete Managementkompetenzen für Großprojekte.


We are a recognized force in automated production and assembly systems, and test systems. We are now transferring our process and technology expertise to the aircraft production sector for future-oriented structure assembly and automation.

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