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About us

The Materials Management Division of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

  • global purchasing of equipment and services;
  • production monitoring in relation to dates and quality;
  • logistics.

All of these aspects are matched to the specific requirements of our customers and projects.

Orders are placed with the supplier that offers the optimum solution with regard to cost-effectiveness, quality, dates, reliability and service. Naturally, we expect our suppliers to play an active part in developing this optimum solution.

The prerequisite for awarding an order to a supplier is a successful vendor quality audit, which is carried out by one of our inspectors. This audit, which is repeated at regular intervals, checks the supplier's technical suitability, references and quality management system. In addition, the company's financial situation also plays a key role in the decision as to whether to award an order.

All of these materials management processes are integrated into the quality management system in order to ensure that our employees carry out their work properly and professionally.

We are always on the lookout for motivated and enthusiastic employees to perform these important and exciting tasks in our organization. The link to our job advertisements is on the right.