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E&I & automation

E&I & automation

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers complete tailored services for E&I and automation. These include, inter alia, holistic concepts for supplying power to the coke oven battery and coal by-products plant as well as know-how regarding the optimum measurement of process values at the field level, including process analysis.

The process steps in each of the plant sections are recorded, controlled, regulated and displayed by the central process control system. For this, we offer prefabricated coke oven plant automation modules tailored to your needs. These enable you to operate your plant energy efficiently and reliably at the optimum operating point at all times. You can react calmly to sudden changes in the process flow as our automation solution takes over this task for you and provides an intelligent solution.

Production control and optimization

In addition, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers COKEMASTER, an integrated concept for automating and optimizing production on the process control level. It can also be retrofitted in an existing plant concept.

COKEMASTER consists of globally proven stand-alone modules that can be used for individual applications. However, they are most effective when the modules are combined. The system requires little maintenance and has been shown to optimize plant operation:

  • AutoTherm: automatic temperature measurement (coke ovens)
  • BatControl: dynamic calculation model for thermal energy (coke ovens)
  • CoalControl: management of coal feedstock
  • CokeControl: tracking of end product
  • GasControl: simulated by-product recovery for transparent processes and optimization models
  • MaintControl: planning and documentation of maintenance work
  • ManuTherm: manual temperature measurement (coke ovens)
  • PushSched: dynamic pushing and charging plan for optimum coke production

To enable you to operate your plant at the optimum operating point at all times, we can support you with remote maintenance if so wished. We would be only too pleased to provide you with information on any of the COKEMASTER modules and solutions that have already been implemented, or to prepare you a tailored plant concept: