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Ammonium Nitrtate Neutr Enaex reactor
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Ammonium nitrate neutralization and evaporation

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ state-of-the-art technology for the production of ammonium nitrate melt as a feedstock for all types of AN plants, including urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution preparation, high and low-density prilling and granulation plants.

Ammonium nitrate neutralization is a proprietary Uhde process, designed for maximum reliability and safety. The Uhde technology comprises an external circulation loop as well as a sophisticated ammonia and nitric acid mixing system for stable operating conditions.

For control and safety reasons the AN solution concentration is mostly limited to 92% wt. The concentration necessary for further process steps such as granulation or prilling is achieved through further concentration of the solution by steam heating under vacuum pressure. Uhde preferably applies a thermosyphon evaporation system.

Two proprietary types of neutralization process can be offered: Vacuum neutralization with the lowest investment cost, and pressure neutralization with the most effective heat recovery.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers licensed technology with projects ranging from basic engineering to execution on an EPC lump sum basis.

This proven process is the basis of our nitrate fertilizer technology portfolio, successfully serving our customers for around 4 decades in more than 40 commercial-scale plants.

The Uhde ammonium nitrate neutralization process is known for its:

  • high reliability and high on-stream time
  • low maintenance by process design, low corrosionas a consequence of low temperatures
  • cost-effectiveness
  • excellent safety standards by process principle, design and control
  • energy efficiency
  • very low liquid effluent contamination, virtually no gaseous effluents


Ammonium nitrate reactor

Enaex S.A., Mejillones, Chile

Capacity: 1,060 t/day