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Nitric acid plants

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ state-of-the-art technology for the production of nitric acid involves ammonia combustion to form nitric oxide, followed by oxidation of the nitric oxide to nitrogen dioxide, and finally absorption of the nitrogen dioxide in water to form nitric acid. Based on customer-specific requirements an optimized process concept is offered, taking into account capital expenditure and operating cost. Both mono-pressure and dual-pressure processes can be offered.

Azeotropic nitric acid with an elevated concentration of 68% by weight can replace concentrated nitric acid in some applications such as nitrations. We have developed an enhanced process for the reliable production of azeotropic nitric acid without any further weak nitric acid co-production.

Colorless tail gas with concentrations of down to around 20 ppm NOX can be achieved with Uhde DeNOx technology, a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process using ammonia as the reducing agent.

The EnviNOx® process for the combined abatement of NOX and the powerful greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O) can also be offered. EnviNOx® technology features a catalytic reactor installed in the tail gas stream and allows both NOX and N2O emissions to be reduced to very low levels.

Build on more than a century of experience

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers licensed technology with projects ranging from basic engineering to execution on an EPC lump sum basis. More than one hundred years ago, in 1905, Dr. Friedrich Uhde, the founder of Uhde GmbH (now thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions), designed and constructed the world's first pilot plant for the production of nitric acid by burning ammonia with air over a platinum catalyst. Today, tkIS ranks among the world's leading process plant licensors for nitric acid technology.

The Uhde nitric acid process is known for its:

  • high reliability and high on-stream time
  • easy maintenance
  • cost-effectiveness
  • energy efficiency
  • low emissions (BAT technology)

Nitric acid
First commercial nitric acid plant in Russia
Abu Qir
Abu Qir Fertilizers, Abu Qir, Egypt
Ineos Köln
Ineos Köln GmbH, Cologne, Germany