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Grabtype Shipunloaders

Grab-type ship unloaders

The offloading of high density bulk goods at high throughputs is the classical economic domain of grab-type ship unloaders. The majority of applications call for gantry-type cranes. thyssenkrupp gantry grab unloaders are in operation worldwide with throughputs as much as 5,100 t/h in ore and 4,200 t/h in coal, with grab payloads of up to 85 tons.

Slewing and luffing cranes are frequently employed for smaller capacities. They are indispensable when material types and feed points vary greatly and a high level of flexibility is required.

85 tons grab unloader at EMO, Netherlands

Two 55 tons grab unloaders in France

Double link level luffing and slewing crane with hopper car in Denmark

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