POLAB Shuttle laboratory automation system

The POLAB Shuttle is a laboratory automation system offering unique flexibility. It has already proven its value in the laboratories of several cement producers, and further orders have been received.

Sample handling by means of a mobile robot enables unprecedented flexibility in terms of configuration, expandability and room layout. Operating on rails, the mobile robot serves the individual modules including pneumatic tube receiving station, sample preparation, sample return, input/output magazines and analyzers.

Thanks to the innovative safety concept the laboratory becomes a shared workspace for humans and machines. The laboratory is barrier-free and the individual components can be operated both automatically (by the mobile robot) and manually.

The concept makes it possible to create laboratories offering full redundancy, maximum availability and very high sample throughput rates.


The mobile, rail-guided robot serves all the installed modules, such as the capsule receiver, the sample preparation system, the sample storing device, the input and output magazine and the analysers. With pinpoint accuracy. Versatilely. Reliably.

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